Be Stunned by Somerset

A county of rolling hills, deep gorges and steep escarpments, caves and low lying levels, Somerset has much to offer.

Legend links the county closely with King Arthur.  It is said he spent his childhood at Dunster Castle and the hill at South Cadbury has been identified as Camelot.  Glastonbury is said to be the ancient Isle of Avalon where the Holy Grail is hidden in the Chalice Well.  Certainly Glastonbury Abbey made much of its wealth from pilgrims who came to the graves of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. The town, the Tor and the ruined Abbey still exert a mystical pull.

Somerset is a county of superlatives.  Wells is the smallest city in England with the oldest street and one of the most beautiful cathedrals.  Be there on the hour to see one of the oldest astronomical clocks in the country strike.  Whilst in the town visit the Bishops Palace and see the only swans to ring bells! A walk round the city will take you to the site where William Penn, an early Quaker (later of Pennsylvania) preached.

The dramatic cliffs at Cheddar Gorge are the highest inland cliffs in the country.  The river Yeo, in Gough’s Cave is Britain’s biggest underground river, and it was in Gough’s cave that the oldest complete skeleton was found – 9000 year old Cheddar man.  Oh and Wookey cave is the only one with a witch living in it, I believe!

Montacute House boasts  the longest Elizabethan gallery in England.  Children no longer ride ponies along it and now it is an outpost for the National Portrait Gallery.