Be Bewitched by Bristol

Bristol has a long and fascinating history from its beginnings in Saxon times up to the present day.  Hidden among the modern streets are gems from Medieval, Georgian and Victorian times.

Come for a tour round the city to find out about the people and see the places that made Bristol a thriving port. The city was home to rich merchants who created a town to reflect their wealth with grand civic buildings and beautiful churches such as St Mary Redcliffe, described by Elizabeth I as the ‘fairest, goodliest and most famous in the country. See the work of Isambard Kingdom Brunel: his magnificent bridge and SS Great Britain, the World’s first great ocean liner. Take time out for a coffee on the new quay, a symbol of the modern vibrant Bristol.

Let’s take a look at what Bristol stands for

B for the Bridge that gave the city its original Saxon name of Brigstowe – the
meeting place by the bridge.
R for the Rebels that made it one of the most turbulent cities in the
I for the Industry that created the 2nd most important town in the
S for the Saints and Sinners who lived here and peopled the churches and
T for the Trade the city flourished on.
O for old cobbled alleys, streets and old ‘ospitals’
L for Landmarks – Clifton Suspension Bridge, Cabots Tower, SS Great Britain, Wills Tower